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Bubinga Slabs

Live Edge Bubinga Slabs, Rough, Kiln Dried. We can cut to size. Call with Questions!
Live Edge Wood Slab Inventory

Currently out of Bubinga Slabs. 

We have many more species of slabs in stock.  View our extensive Live Edge Slab Inventory

Bookmatched Live Edge Slabs

Unfinished Table Tops


Bubinga Slab 6B-14

Bubinga Slab 6B-14  Sold

2" Thick x 45" Wide x 204" Long

Kiln Dried Bubinga Slab 6B-5

Bubinga Slab 6B-5  sold

2" Thick x 43" Wide x 204" Long

Bubinga Slab 6A-9

Bubinga Slab 6A-9  Sold

2" Thick x 46" Wide x 157" Long

Bubinga Wood Slab 6A-15

Bubinga Slab 6A-15 Sold

2" Thick x 43"-44" Wide x 157" Long

African Bubinga Slab 13A-4

Bubinga Slab 13A-4 Sold

2" Thick x 33"-38" Wide x 182" Long

Bubinga Live Edge Slab 13A-5

Bubinga Slab 13A-5 Sold

2" Thick x 35"-41" Wide x 182" Long

Bubinga Slab 13A-15

Bubinga Slab 13A-15 Sold

2" Thick x 43"-45" Wide x 182" Long