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Alder, Knotty Mouldings

Rustic Appearance has Sound Knots, Checks, Color Variation. 7-10' Lengths. Samples available.
Alder, Knotty Mouldings Prices per Linear Foot as of
Description100-249 L.F.250-499 L.F.500-999 L.F.1000+ L.F.
1x2 Simple Knotty Alder Base2.301.551.300.95
1x4 Simple Knotty Alder Case2.952.201.951.70
1x4 Colonial Knotty Alder Base2.852.101.851.60
1x3 Colonial Knotty Alder Case2.851.851.601.40
1x3 Traditional Knotty Alder Base2.851.851.601.40
1x4 Traditional Knotty Alder Case3.102.101.851.65
1x6 Contemporary Knotty Alder Base3.602.602.352.15
1x4 Contemporary Knotty Alder Case3.102.101.851.65
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Dimension Lumber
Number of
Linear Feet Needed
1x2 Simple Knotty Alder Base
1x4 Simple Knotty Alder Case
1x4 Colonial Knotty Alder Base
1x3 Colonial Knotty Alder Case
1x3 Traditional Knotty Alder Base
1x4 Traditional Knotty Alder Case
1x6 Contemporary Knotty Alder Base
1x4 Contemporary Knotty Alder Case
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    USES:  Knotty Alder Trim is seen in a wide variety of residential applications ranging from cabins to high-end homes
    ORIGINS: Mainly North America including British Columbia, Washington and Oregon
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Alnus rubra
    COMMON NAME: Knotty Alder, Red Alder, Alder wood, Knotty Alder Trim
    COLOR DETAILS: Light Red, Darkens to a richer red color with finish and light exposure. Knotty Alder may have some color variation.
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    Knotty Alder Trim for Sale

    Call us at 877.983.6367 for Knotty Alder Trim samples.

    Wood Vendors can make a wide variety of profiles.  If you are looking for something that is not listed above give us a call.  Our Knotty Alder Trim and Knotty Alder s4s Dimension are made from the best appearance grade Knotty Alder Lumber.  Because of its grain pattern, alder is frequently used as a substitute for walnut and cherry.  Currently knotty alder cabinets and mouldings are very popular in high end homes as well as rustic cabins. We also sell Knotty Alder T&G panels.  Don't want knots? Try our Superior Alder Mouldings.

    Call us for an alder consultation at 877.983.6367, we make each order custom to your needs and specs.

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