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Walnut Lumber

KD, Rough or s2s, Random Widths and Lengths 4"+ 6'+, Steamed. Approx. 85% Clear Face.
Walnut Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of
Description100-249 B.F.250-499 B.F.500-999 B.F.1000+ B.F.
4/4 Walnut, Select and Better8.257.256.506.25
8/4 Select & Better Walnut10.359.358.608.35
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Dimension Lumber
Number of
Board Feet Needed
4/4 Walnut, Select and Better
8/4 Select & Better Walnut
Wood Cost:
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Select & Better Steamed Walnut surfaced #1 Common Grade Steamed Walnut surfaced Rustic Grade Steamed Walnut Surfaced FAS Grade Wanut Lumber Rough Curly Walnut Rough Select & Better Walnut heart sort Unfinished Walnut doors Traditional Walnut Base, Case & Crown Mouldings Walnut Executive Desk with Marble Inlay - Thanks Harvey T! 8/4 Walnut Lumber - sorted 8 inches and wider! Clear Unsteamed Walnut Flooring Ask us about our Sappy Steamed Walnut!

Walnut Lumber Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Dark Brown

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Color Consistency
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Outdoor Use
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  • wood details
    USES:  Architectural woodwork, flooring, doors, furniture and gun stocks.
    ORIGINS: Midwestern U.S. primarily Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Juglans nigra
    COMMON NAME: Black Walnut, American Walnut
    COLOR DETAILS: Dark Chocolate Brown heartwood, creamy white sapwood.
    WEIGHT: Approx 3.6 lbs per B.F.
    WORKABILITY: Machines and finishes extremely well, takes stain and glues well. Similar to Cherry.
  • wood description


    Walnut Lumber for Sale

    Wood Vendors supplies rough Walnut Lumber from the Northern- Midwest region of the U.S.  Most black walnut produced is steamed.  The steaming process blends the stark color difference between the dark heartwood and the white sapwood.  Because Walnut has more natural defects than other species, Walnut lumber is graded on a scale that allows more defects than other woods such as red oak, cherry and alder.  Color is a separate issue from grade.  Although walnut wood is steamed to blend the heart and sap, there is still discernible difference in color between the two.  Most sapwood occurs on the edge of boards allowing it to be ripped off when prepping the lumber for use.

    Wood Vendors can also supply Walnut s2s, s4s or as panels or flooring.  Call us at 877-983-6367 for more details.

  • wood information
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