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Santos Mahogany Lumber

Kiln Dried, Random Widths 5"+, Random Lengths 6'+, 90-100% Clear
Santos Mahogany Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of
Description100-249 B.F.250-499 B.F.500-999 B.F.1000+ B.F.
4/4 Santos Mahogany9.206.955.955.45
5/4 Santos Mahogany9.
8/4 Santos Mahogany9.807.556.556.05
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Dimension Lumber
Number of
Board Feet Needed
4/4 Santos Mahogany
5/4 Santos Mahogany
8/4 Santos Mahogany
Wood Cost:
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Santos Mahogany Stairs Santos Mahogany Stairs & Balisters Santos Mahogany Stairs & Floor Santos Mahogany Board Santos Mahogany Lumber Surfaced Stacks of Santos Mahogany Lumber Santos Mahogany Surfaced boards Santos Mahogany Surfaced Close Up

Santos Mahogany Lumber Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Red

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Outdoor Use
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  • wood details
    USES:  Flooring, stair parts, furniture and cabinets
    ORIGINS: South America, primarily Peru
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Myroxylon balsamum
    COMMON NAME: Cabriuva, Balsamo
    COLOR DETAILS: Consistent Deep russet brown, darkens over time with exposure to light
    WEIGHT: approx. 5.5 lbs per B.F.
    WORKABILITY: Can be difficult to work with due to interlocking grain, but finishes to a high polish.
  • wood description

    Santos Mahogany Lumber for Sale

    Santos Mahogany is also referred to as Cabriuva.  Due to it's hardness it is frequently used in flooring and stair treads.  While it is not in the Meliaceae family of true mahoganies such as South American Swietenia macropylla or African Khaya Mahogany, Santos Mahogany's russet-brown coloring definitely has a rich mahogany look.  Wood Vendors offers 4/4-8/4 Santos Mahogany Lumber rough as well as surfaced, ripped, s4s to dimension, custom panels and mouldings.

    Give Pat or Tom a call regarding your Santos Mahogany questions or inquiries at 877.983.6367.


  • wood information
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