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Red Elm Lumber

Kiln Dried, Rough Cut, Random Widths 4 inches & wider, Random Lengths 6 foot & longer.
Red Elm Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of
Description100-249 B.F.240-499 B.F.500-999 B.F.1000+ B.F.
4/4 Red Elm, Select & Better5.703.953.202.95
4/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade5.153.402.652.40
5/4 Red Elm, Select & Better5.804.053.303.05
5/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade5.203.452.702.45
6/4 Red Elm, Select & Better5.754.003.253.00
6/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade5.253.502.752.50
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Dimension Lumber
Number of
Board Feet Needed
4/4 Red Elm, Select & Better
4/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade
5/4 Red Elm, Select & Better
5/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade
6/4 Red Elm, Select & Better
6/4 Red Elm, Rustic Grade
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Red Elm Lumber Red Elm Wood Boards Red Elm Wood Close Up Rustic Red Elm Lumber Rustic Red Elm Lumber Bundle

Red Elm Lumber Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Red

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Outdoor Use
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  • wood details
    USES:  Cabinet making, flooring, furniture, flooring, millwork, panels, etc.
    ORIGINS: Eastern and Midwest United States
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Ulmus Rubra
    COMMON NAME: Red Elm, Slippery Elm
    COLOR DETAILS: Greyish white to light brown sapwood. Heartwood is reddish to darker brown.
    WEIGHT: Approximately 3.7 lbs. per board foot kiln dried.
    WORKABILITY: Red Elm is fairly easy to work with but can have occasional tearout or fuzzing while planing due to interlocking grain. It nails, screws, and glues well. Sands nicely and takes a good finish.
  • wood description

    Red Elm Lumber for Sale

    Wood Vendors provides Red Elm in Select & Better as well as rustic grade lumber.  We can also produce custom made dimension and mouldings to your specification.    

    Call Pat or Tom today to discuss your Red Elm options at 1-877-983-6367.  

  • wood information
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