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Honduras Rosewood

Kiln Dried, RW 3" & wider, RL 3' & Longer. 95-100% Clear-Heartwood * Out of stock- on order *
Honduras Rosewood Prices per Board Foot as of
Description50-99 B.F.100-249 B.F.250-499 B.F.500+ B.F.
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Honduras Rosewood Board Honduras Rosewood Full units of Lumber Honduras Rosewood color and grain Honduras Rosewood Color Variation Honduras Rosewood is a true rosewood Thanks to Rick Murphey at Saint Josephs Apprentice

Honduras Rosewood Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Various

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  • wood details
    USES:  Musical Instruments, Decorative Uses
    ORIGINS: Belize
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Dalbergia stevensonia
    COMMON NAME: Rosewood
    COLOR DETAILS: Varied colors from dark pink to purple
    WEIGHT: approx 6 lbs per B.F.
    WORKABILITY: Difficult to glue due to oil content, machines well and finishes beautifully.
  • wood description

    Honduras Rosewood Lumber for Sale

    Honduras Rosewood grows only in Belize, also known as British Honduras.  It is a Dalbergia making it a true rosewood so the name Honduras Rosewood is an accurate name.  Similar to other rosewoods it is a rare hardwood that is available primarily in short narrow pieces, 3 foot to 5 foot lengths and 3 inch to 7 inch widths.  The primary use for Honduras Rosewood is in high end marimba's, but it is also used for small decorative items such as jewelry boxes.

    Call Pat or Tom at 877.983.6367 to inquire about Honduras Rosewood Lumber.

  • wood information
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