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Guatemala Rosewood

Kiln dried, Rough, Random Widths typically 3-6", Lengths 3-5'
Guatemala Rosewood Prices per Board Foot as of
Description50-99 B.F.100-249 B.F.250-499 L.F.500+ B.F.
4/4 Guatemala Rosewood17.0015.0014.5014.00
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4/4 Guatemala Rosewood
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Guatemala Rosewood Lumber Guatemala Rosewood Close Up Guatemala Rosewood Close Up Grain Guatemala Rosewood - Dalbergia cubliquitensis

Guatemala Rosewood Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Red

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Outdoor Use
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  • wood details
    USES:  High-end furniture, millwork, musical instruments and turning stock
    ORIGINS: Guatemala
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Dalbergia cubliquitensis
    COMMON NAME: Guatemala Rosewood, Rosul
    COLOR DETAILS: Reddish-brown/tan to dark brown colored heartwood contrasting with a very light sapwood
    WEIGHT: Approximately 5 lbs. per board foot kiln dried.
  • wood description

    Guatemala Rosewood Lumber for Sale

    Guatemala Rosewood is also known as Rosul. It is a ture rosewood or Dalbergia.  As is common with rosewood's Guatemala Rosewood is very limited in supply.  Most of the lumber is shorter than 6 feet and narrower than 6 inches.  Wood Vendors supplies kiln dried Rosul - Guatemala Rosewood,

  • wood information
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