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Western Red Cedar Dimension

Vertical Grain, Kiln dried, dimension available in Random Lengths. 95-100% Clear
Western Red Cedar Dimension Prices per Linear Foot as of
Description100-249 L.F.250-499 L.F.500-999 L.F.1000+ L.F.
1x2 Western Red Cedar, VG6.954.453.452.35
1x3 Western Red Cedar, VG7.505.004.002.90
1x4 Western Red Cedar, VG8.205.704.703.60
1x5 Western Red Cedar, VG9.106.605.604.50
1x6 Western Red Cedar, VG9.206.705.704.60
1x8 Western Red Cedar, VG10.558.057.055.95
1x10 Western Red Cedar, VG12.009.508.507.40
1x12 Western Red Cedar, VG13.3010.809.808.70
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Dimension Lumber
Number of
Linear Feet Needed
1x2 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x3 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x4 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x5 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x6 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x8 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x10 Western Red Cedar, VG
1x12 Western Red Cedar, VG
Wood Cost:
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Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar Rough Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar Lumber Western Red Cedar Lumber stacked Western Red Cedar 4x4 Western Red Cedar T&G Panel Western Red Cedar VG, s4s

Western Red Cedar Dimension Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: Tan

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Outdoor Use
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  • wood details
    USES:  Siding, Decking, Outdoor and Indoor millwork, paneling etc.
    ORIGINS: Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific coast to Alaska. In the US, mainly Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Thuja plicata
    COMMON NAME: Western Red Cedar, Washington Cedar, BC Cedar, Califonia Cedar and many others.
    COLOR DETAILS: Ranges from creamy tan to red
    WEIGHT: Approximately 2.5 lbs. per BF kiln dried
    WORKABILITY: Generally straight grained with uniform but course texture. Very light in weight, moderately soft, low strength when used as beam or posts. Heartwood is very resistant to decay.
  • wood description

    Western Red Cedar s4s Dimension for Sale

    Wood Vendors offers VG (Vertical Grain) Western Red Cedar as dimensional s4s (suraced 4 sides) as well as random width and length lumber. Western Red Cedar offers low density and shrinkage factors and has exceptional thermal insulation properties. Is is very easy to cut, form, glue and finish.  It is prized for it's natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and pest damage and is used both in doors and out. 

    Call Tom or Pat at 1-877-983-6367 to discuss your Western Red Cedar needs.


  • wood information
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